Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer

Take Care of Germs. And Your Hands.

Typically, every time you use a hand sanitizer, you also have to moisturize your hands to soothe the dry, irritated skin alcohol-based sanitizers can leave behind. That’s because alcohol, the active ingredient in most hand sanitizers, is also a solvent which can rob your hands of moisture and break down your skin’s protective lipid barrier.

But now there’s a hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria* without subjecting your skin to the harsh, drying effects of alcohol. New Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer’s alcohol-free, two-in-one formula kills germs in as little as 15 seconds*, while providing long lasting moisturization. Our patented formula combines Benzethonium Chloride, a clinically tested antimicrobial, with five essential vitamins and seven hydrating moisturizers, including a Phospholipid Complex that helps restore your skin’s lipid layer. So it not only kills germs, it helps lock in moisture, and actually feels like a lotion.

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Benzethonium Chloride: A clinically tested antimicrobial.




*Confirmed in rigorous in vitro testing.
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